Where do I get a new or replacement charger for my Nspire?
If you have a miscellaneous cords drawer at your house, check there first. The Nspire USB charging cable is a fairly standard one and you may find one at home somewhere. If not, you can pick up a replacement charging cable at any retailer that sells electronics or electronic accessories, or you can order a new one online. You're looking for a USB 2.0 A Male to Mini B Male cable. Here's an example of one on Amazon.com.
What do I do if I lost or broke the plastic cover on my Nspire?
Texas Instruments recommends that you keep the cover on your Nspire when not in use. This keeps the calculator protected and prevents it from being accidentally turned on in your backpack. The school does not provide replacement covers, but you can order them online from Amazon, Texas Instruments or other sites.
Can I plug in or charge my calculator during class?
Generally, no. But this is up to your teacher. You are expected to bring your Nspire to school each day fully charged and ready to use. Arranging to charge your Nspire in class is a delay and a distraction.
Are there charging stations available to charge Nspires on campus?
Generally, no. However, you can ask your teacher about using a charging station. Charging stations are not recommended as someone my accidentally (or intentionally) take your Nspire.
Are there loaner calculators available in case mine is not working?
Your teacher may have a limited number of school-owned Nspires in case of an emergency. These are yellow and are marked as school property. You are only permitted to use a loaner Nspire in the classroom. Removing a yellow calculator from a classroom is a potential honor code violation.

If you have to leave your broken Nspire to be repaired, the coordinator may be able to allow you to sign out a loaner Nspire to use while yours is being repaired. These calculators are either black or blue and have a yellow cover. A loaner Nspire must be returned with its yellow cover in working condition once your Nspire has been repaired or replaced.
Can I borrow another student's Nspire if I left mine at home or it isn't working?
No. Each upper school student must have their own Nspire. Using another student's Nspire may constitute an honor code violation.
A former student or older sibling gave me their Nspire to use. Is this okay?
Yes. You will need to bring your Nspire to the coordinator so that a label with your name and the serial number of the calculuator can be affixed to it.
It was recommended that I upgrade the operating system on my Nspire. Do I need to do that? And if so, how?
Keeping your Nspire operating system up to date ensures that it is running most efficiently. Many times, upgrading the operating system will help extend the battery life between charges. If you want to upgrade you OS, go to https://nspireconnect.ti.com/nsc/ and follow the instructions.
Can I use my Nspire calculator on the SAT or ACT?
The TI Nspire CX CAS and CX II CAS calculators are not permitted on the ACT. TI Nspire CX and CX II calculators (non-CAS) are allowed. The school can provide you with access to a non-CAS TI Nspire if you are taking the ACT on campus, but make sure you arrange for that ahead of time. Otherwise, here is a summary of the ACT's policy on calculators: ACT Calculator Policy.

All TI Nspire calculators are permitted on the SAT, including CX CAS, CX II and CX II CAS. Here is a summary of the SAT's policy on calculators: SAT Calculator Policy.
Upper School Nspire Coordinator:   Mr. Edwards,   kedwards@athensacademy.org,    Office: SA-202

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